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Our history

Située à Arthez dans les Landes, notre entreprise Artez, producteur de spiritueux de tradition en Aquitaine, est spécialisée dans la production de d’absinthe et d’armagnac.

Producteur d’Absinthe et d’Armagnac en Aquitaine

  • An artisanal know-how in the production of absinthe and armagnac in Aquitaine

  • A perfect mastery of all the techniques of vinification, distillation, maceration …

  • Awards: Absinthe “La Muse Verte” -Chairman’s Trophy 2013-Ultimate Spirits Challenge

green muse absinthe [1024x768]

The Green Muse Traditional Absinthe

  • 97 points / President’s Trophy / Ultimate Recommendation (Ultimate Spirit Challenge 2013)

    “… good purity, wonderful smell … more in keeping with what I conceive to be real absinthe” (Spirit Journal)

3 bouteilles d'armagnac feuille blanche et baco
Our armagnacs

Artez Bas Armagnac Baco VSOP



Pastis Artemisia

  • 94 points (Wine Enthusiast). Gold Medal (Beverage Testing Institute)
  • 4 stars (Spirit Journal)
  • Gold medal (Institute of beverage tasting)

Artez Arvani Liqueur d’Armagnac Vanilla

  • 4 stars, highly recommended (Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal)
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Discover spirits!

Among the alcoholic drinks that exist, we can distinguish spirit drinks produced by distillation.

Indeed, unlike wines, beers and ciders which are obtained by fermentation, spirits are obtained by distillation or maceration.

Their alcohol content is at least 15% is divided into two:

  • “Simple” spirit drinks or “eaux-de-vie”, the taste of which comes directly from the distillation of the alcoholic raw material.

  • “Composite” spirit drinks, the taste of which results from an addition to a neutral alcohol or to a brandy.

For any further information concerning our absinthe and armagnac and our life-water, contact Artez in the Landes,a producer of traditional spirits in Aquitaine.

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