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Product without dyes or preservatives

  • Color : golden green
  • Smell : subtle, plant aroma
  • Taste : undergrowth, spices and a hint anise
  • Drinking : diluted 6 to 7 times with cold water (4°c to 5°c)
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The history of pastis is closely linked to that of absinthe.

In 1915, when the authorities outlawed the production and sale of all drinks with an alcohol content above 30°, as well as all products containing absinthe or having a similar color (green color), producers tried to create anise flavor alcohols that did not contain absinthe.

The alcohol content was unfortunately too low to bring out all the flavor in anise alcohols. 1938, when the legal alcohol content rose to 45°, the anise flavors could come out and it was at this time that the first pastis was made.

In 1940, pastis was accused of weakening French soldiers and again outlawes.

Starting in 1951, anise-fravored aperitifs could be sold freely.

Our production

Pastis is obtained by the distillation of plants that are first macerated in 85 ° proof alcohol with the addition of water.

  • The plants used to make “The Green Muse” pastis are: Star anise, licorice, hyssop, lemon balm, wormwood, sage, etc.

  • The plants used to make “L’Artémise” pastis are: Star anise, licorice, glacier, wormwood, cloves, coriander, fennel, angelica, peppermint, etc.